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Переводы песен Coldplay

Ghost stories     A rush of blood to the head 
 Ink    Warning sign
 Midnight    The scientist
 Oceans    Daylight
 Always in my head    A rush of blood to the head
 A sky full of stars    Politik
 True love    A whisper
 O    Clocks
 Magic    In my place
 Another's arms    Amsterdam
     Green eyes
 Atlas    God put a smile upon your face
Mylo Xyloto    Sparks
 Up in flames    High speed
 Charlie Brown    Shiver
 Every teardrop is a waterfall    Trouble
 Up with the birds    Don't panic
 Hurts like heaven    Everything's not lost
 Major minus    Yellow
 Don't let it break your heart    We never change
 Paradise    Spies
 Princess of China    Life is for living
 Us against the world    Parachutes
     Non-album songs
 Viva la vida    Easy to please
 Yes    Life in technicolor II
 Lovers in Japan    Christmas lights
 The escapist    Death will never conquer me
 Cemeteries of London    A spell a rebel yell
 Death and all his friends    Moving to Mars
 Viva la vida    I run away
 Violet hill    Bigger Stronger
 Lost    Prospekt's march/Poppyfields
 Strawberry swing    Now my feet won't touch the ground
 Swallowed in the sea    
 White shadows    
 Speed of sound    
The hardest part    
Square one    
A message    
Fix you    
Twisted logic    
What if    
How you see the world    
'Til kingdom come    

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