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Переводы песен Justin Bieber

 What do you mean? (2015)
  Never say never: the remixes (2011)
 What do you mean?    Born to be somebody
Get used to it    
No pressure    Under the mistletoe (2011)
Sorry    Santa Claus is coming to town
Home to mama    Silent night
I'll show you    Drummer boy
The feeling    Only thing I ever get for Christmas
Purpose    Christmas eve
Love yourself    Fa la la
All in it    Mistletoe
Mark my words    Home this Christmas
We are    Pray
Children    The Christmas song
Company    All I want is you
Been you    All I want for Christmas is you
Life is worth living    Christmas love
No sense    
The most    
Hit the ground    
 Journals (2013)
 Flatline    My world 2.0 (2010)
 Confident    Runaway love
 Swap it out    Latin Girl
 Recovery    Somebody to love
 Hold tight    Kiss and tell
 Change me    Stuck in the moment
 Roller coaster    Up
 PYD    Baby
 All that matters    Never let you go
 Bad day    Where are you now
 Heartbreaker    U smile
 Backpack    Overboard
 Memphis    That should be me
 One life    
 What's hatnin    My world (2009)
 All bad   One less lonely girl
    Love me
 Believe acoustic (2013)
  Down to earth
I would   One time
Nothing like us   Common denominator
Yellow raincoat   First dance
    Favorite girl
Believe (2013)
Take you   Non-album songs
Believe   Mi amor
Die in your arms   Can't live without you
Right here   I'll be
All around the world   Dr. Bieber
Fairytale   All yours
Fall   Thinkin 'bout you
Beauty and a beat   Home to mama
Boyfriend   Come home to me
Maria   Party all night
One love   Alone
As long as you love me   Mama's boy
Just like them   Pick me
Catching feelings   Broken
Be alright   Looking for you
Thought of you   You want me
Hey Girl   Hard 2 Face Reality
She don't like the lights   We were born for this
Love me like you do   Perfect together
Turn to You (Mother's Day dedication) (2012)
Turn to you    

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