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Переводы песен Taylor Swift

Bad blood (feat. Kendrick Lamar) (2015)    Holiday collection (2007)
Bad blood (feat. Kendrick Lamar)   White Christmas
    Christmas must be something more
1989 (2014)
  Christmases when you were mine
I know places   Last Christmas
Out of the woods   Silent night
Wonderland   Santa Baby
I wish you would    
Welcome to New York   Taylor Swift (2006)
How you get the girl   Stay Beautiful
All you had to do was stay   Our song
You are in love   Cold as you
Blank space   Mary's Song (Oh My My My)
Bad blood   Tim McGraw
Clean   I'm only me when I'm with you
Style   Teardrops on my guitar
New romantics   Invisible
Wildest dreams   Picture to burn
This love   Perfectly good heart
Shake it off   Should've said no
    The outside
Red (2012)
  Tied Together With A Smile
The lucky one    
All too well    
Begin again   Non-album songs
Holy ground   Who I've always been
State of grace   Drops of Jupiter
Sad beautiful tragic   American boy
22   My cure
Come back... be here   Ain't nothing bout you
Treacherous   Monologue song
Everything has changed   That's when
Stay stay stay   Dark blue Tennessee
Red   Smokey black nights
The moment I knew   Lucky You
I almost do   7 years and 50 days
Girl at home   Didn't they
I knew you were trouble   Brought up that way
Starlight   Safe and sound
We are never ever getting back together   American Girl
The last time   We were happy
    Am I Ready for Love
Speak now (2010)
Long live   Can I go with you?
Mean   What to wear
Speak now   I'd Lie
Innocent   Being with my baby
Never grow up   Eyes open
Sparks fly   Sweet tea and god's graces
Better than revenge   Just south of knowing why
Ours   Never mind
Mine   I guess I wished on a plane
The story of us   Ronan
If this was a movie   R-E-V-E-N-G-E
Dear John   Today was a fairytale
Haunted   Welcome distraction
Back to december   Permanent marker
Enchanted   Writing songs about you
Last kiss   This is really happening
Crazier (2009)
  The story of us
Crazier   Our last night
    Wait for me
Fearless (2008)
  Your face
Fifteen   Run
The other side of the door    
Forever & always    
Jump then fall    
Love story    
You belong with me    
Come in with the rain    
You're not sorry    
The best day    
The way I loved you    
Hey Stephen    
White horse    
Tell me why    
Beautiful eyes (2008)
Beautiful eyes    
I heart ?    

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